Research network

Help improve our understanding of the causes and impact of homelessness

What is the research network?

Our network aims to improve the quality, co-ordination, relevance and impact of research in the homelessness sector. The network is open to our members who share information on their proposed and ongoing research to improve collaboration.

When do we meet and who comes?

We meet quarterly. Our meetings are open to all Homeless Link members with an interest in homelessness research. 

You do not have to be a practising researcher to come to the network. Currently there are members who are from homelessness agencies, from local authorities and who are research academics. 


To join, or for more information, please contact Debra Hertzberg.

Talk To Us

Debra Hertzberg

Research manager

Debra is research manager at Homeless Link, coordinating research into homelessness and across other areas of social exclusion. 

Telephone: 020 7840 4422