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Paul Sargent, Implementation Lead at the Centre for Homelessness Impact, explains the funding opportunities available for organisations from the voluntary and local government sectors working in homelessness.

During April and May the Centre for Homelessness Impact (CHI) is opening up grants to take part in the Test & Learn evaluation of existing and new interventions to prevent homelessness and alleviate rough sleeping and homelessness. This is part of the £15 million Test & Learn / Systems-wide Evaluation which is being run by CHI on behalf of DLUHC.

Most of this funding is for new services to be delivered by our partners in local authorities and the third sector to evaluate what works to end homelessness.

The Centre has created a simplified application process using the Flexigrant platform for organisations to apply for the funding. This is available on our website: https://www.homelessnessimpact.org/test-and-learn

Applications are open right now with 150 received so far across the programme. The evaluation process will be carried out by research organisations or Universities and is being dealt with separately.

I wanted to focus here on the application process for third sector organisations and local authorities. Each of these applications will appear on our system as Project Name (Service Delivery).

We’ve tried to make this as simple as possible and reduce the burden on you applying to take part.

Expression of Interest

For some of these projects we already have delivery partners in place, so the application is either to host a service or receive it for free in your area. We are calling this an expression of interest.

To apply, there are a total of four questions which the bids will be evaluated against focusing on why the service is needed, how it would be delivered, a commitment to the evaluation process and a question specific to the project.

Competitive Grant Making

Where the third sector or local authority delivers services themselves, there are a total of six questions. Bids will be evaluated against focusing on why the service is needed, how it would be delivered, a commitment to the evaluation process, a question specific to the project, a question on partnership working and one on value for money. The applications will not be scored on price, although we ask for a budget to ensure that every successful application fits within the overall amount of money available:

The projects to be awarded through this process are:

For all projects we ask for some key information:

  • The applicants and organisation details.
  • Whether they are bidding in partnership with other organisations.
  • Whether they already have the service in the area (we require the service to be unique to the area to improve the evaluation).
  • The number of people in their area who could be referred to the service or are expected to part in it. (this is because for the evaluation purposes we need a minimum number of people to take part).
  • To confirm that they have approval on behalf of the organisation to apply for the funding.
  • That they agree to the contracts and reporting requirements.
  • Whether there is any conflict of interest.

Full specification for each project and a scoring matrix is available when the application is started, along with the terms and conditions of the awards.

After the recruitment period closes, each bid will be evaluated by CHI and a recommendation made to the Centres’ Grant and Evaluation Committee to award the bids that score highest and meet the evaluation criteria required for each project.

Applications are open now. Full deadlines are below

If you have any questions please contact us via programmes@homelessnessimpact.org

Personalised budgets. Opens 8 April. Closes 7 May

Individual Placement and Support. Opens 10 April. Closes 9 May

Using data to prevent homelessness. Opens 15 April. Closes 14 May

Citadel - Community integration and relationships. Opens 22 April. Closes 17 May

Arrangements for people without a local connection. Opens 29 April. Closes 24 May

Time-limited accommodation and legal advice for people with restricted eligibility. Opens 7 May. Closes 4 June

Outreach with a health specialism. Opens 14 May. Closes 11 June

More information on the Test & Learn projects and the links to apply to participate are on our website: https://www.homelessnessimpact.org/test-and-learn

Visit the CHI website for details