'Everyone In' showed how effective universal, unconditional support is in tackling homelessness, uniting organisations and driving innovation. But the temporary housing solutions offered to many were, by definition, temporary. In the next few weeks we have the opportunity to build on this success, but we need your help. Join us in calling for adequate long term funding for the sector as part of the government's Comprehensive Spending Review. 

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"We will... end the blight of rough sleeping by the end of the next Parliament" (Conservative Manifesto 2019) 

With adequate long-term funding the homelessness sector could end homelessness for good.  

We know it can be done. The ‘Everyone In’ initiative alongside wider interventions during the pandemic, has saved lives, and has supported tens of thousands of people into secure accommodation. Now is the time for the government to invest in services and people - so everyone can live their lives free from homelessness.  

In the next few weeks we have a unique chance to influence how government allocates funding over the next three years. We need the Chancellor to know that if adequate funding is available over the long term, crucial services can adequately support homeless people in your area.  

“I had a lot of sleepless nights....how are we gonna fund these posts? And it was kind of like, well, how about we take a bit out of this pot and put it there and that would do for maybe two months and then we’d see what happens. … We need all our staff, so how do we keep them all? You know, how do we pay the bills at the end of the month?” A response to our survey of the sector  

Take Action 

We are now close to the Spending Review annoucement, which means you may not have time to email your MP and for them to read it and respond. Instead you could always tweet at your MP. Not sure of your MP's Twitter details? Find out here. 

Suggested tweet:

Hi <MP Name> we are a homelessness charity working in your constituency. Pls can you write to @RishiSunak in support of @HomelessLink's campaign for more £ over the long term for the sector. MP brief here and more info here:https://www.homeless.org.uk/our-work/campaigns/everyoneinforgood #Every... #SpendingReview

  • Have 5 minutes? Email your MP and ask them to support our campaign for adequate long-term funding for the homelessness sector. Download the letter

  • Have 10 minutes? Use our template to personalise your letter to your MP, ensuring they understand why your service would benefit from adequate long term funding. Download the letter. Or if your organisation focuses on delivering Housing First projects, you can use this Housing First specific letter. Download it here.  

Who is my MP? 

You can find details for the MP whose constiuency covers the area where you project(s) operate here. You can also find details here of your MP's intersts and voting record to help personalise your letter as much as possible. 

Why now? 

The Comprehensive Spending Review in October 2021 will set government budgets over the next 3 years. Now is the time to influence it.  

A recent poll of Homeless Link members showed that 75% of responding members find short-term funding negatively impacts on the quality of the service they provide, and a further 83% stating that it leads to inconsistent support for people experiencing homelessness. 

“The MHCLG grant that we got … was fantastic and that really helped us grow our services, … but I guess what would then help more is if that was three-year funding or five-year funding to then sustain that growth rather than just being a one-off. … Going back to these projects like ours where we’ve grown our services using that funding and actually saying, … we want to sustain that and sustain the positive outcomes for years to come. That’d be great.” A response to our survey of the sector 

By writing to your MP and asking them to contact the Chancellor of the Exchequer we are ensuring that homelessness stays on the agenda for the new budget. Without action we risk losing out on funding to competing priorities.  

What is the Comprehensive Spending Review?  

This is when the Treasury discusess and then announces the budgets for government departments – setting out what the public can expect from each in the years ahead.  

Government departments send details of their estimated budgets to the Treasury for discussion. Interest groups, individuals or representative bodies can submit a response to the review as well. Individual homelessness organisations are also able to submit a response, which can be done here. Homeless Link has submitted a response on behalf of our members. 

All submissions to the Treasury need to be received by 30th September.

Homeless Link’s top line asks are: 

  1. Match enhanced investment in rough sleeping services during COVID-19 with a £132.5 million annual boost to the Rough Sleeping Initiative through to 2024/25, compared to 2021/22 levels. Deliver this through a simplified and long-term, guaranteed grant programme to local authorities.  

  1. Commit £150.3 million annually for an initial three years for a national Housing First programme, led by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC), but with cross-departmental investment and stewardship.   

  1. Commit to a ten-year investment plan to realise the 90,000 social rent homes that England needs per year.   

  1. Unfreeze the Local Housing Allowance so that it continues to cover at least the 30th percentile of local rents  

You can read our full submission to the Comprehensive Spending Review 2021 here.

Talk To Us

Rob Cartridge

Head of Communications and Advocacy (Acting)

Rob Cartridge is a Campaigns and Communications Manager at Homeless Link.