Protecting services campaign

With high levels of demand for help with homelessness it vital to protect investment in prevention and support.

The issue

Every year more than 40,000 individuals experiencing homelessness receive support to get back on their feet.

Complex issues are likely to make the journey out of homelessness difficult. Sometimes these issues are the cause of a person's homelessness. Sometimes they come later, a symptom of homelessness.

It is vital that individuals experiencing homelessness get the help they need to overcome these difficulties.

Since 2010, demand for help from local authorities by people facing homelessness has risen by nearly a third. Meanwhile investment in services that prevent homelessness and support individuals back on their feet has fallen in many areas.

The solution

Maintaining investment in support services makes sense for both individuals and communities.

As councils make important funding decisions that will impact the level of support available to tackle homelessness locally, it is vital that we demonstrate the financial and human value that services deliver.


In 2013 we launched a campaign to protect support for and raise awareness of the services that support people when they lose everything.

We produced a series of resources to help agencies make the case to their council and campaign for continued investment in helping people escape homelessness.

With open consultations on proposed cuts to housing-related support budgets, we worked with agencies in Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Derbyshire, Liverpool and Salford to gather public support and appeal to local authorities. In at least three of these areas the size of the cuts was reduced following consultation and representation of the issues.

What next

There is no guarantee that funding for housing-related support will not reduce further in the coming years, so it is more important than ever to prove the value of homelessness services. We have a range of resources to help you do this.

Our Picture the Change project provides tools to help you use data to show the effectiveness of your work and why it is needed.

Speak out: a guide to local influencing offers all you need to develop and run a campaign in your area. 

38% of accommodation projects reported a fall in funding compared to the previous year, with an average reduction of 20%.

Support for Single Homeless People in England 2014