Free PLUS Wellbeing Training

The PLUS Project is pleased to be able to offer free training in February and March to London Homelessness services in Stress, Vicarious Trauma and Managing Wellbeing.

Stress, Vicarious Trauma and Managing Wellbeing Thursday 25th February OR Monday 22nd March 9:30am - 4pm

The PLUS Project is offering free training to London homelessness sector providers. We are offering the same course on two different dates so you only need to sign up to one.

Each course has 20 spaces available meaning that there are 40 places in total. We would ask that only one person sign up from each organisation - if you have any questions about this or any other aspect of the course, please email

The course is divided into 3 modules that will take place on the same day with breaks in between. 

Course outline

This course aims to develop emotional resilience amongst staff by exploring stress, Compassion Fatigue, burnout and Vicarious Trauma both in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic and from a wider perspective. Participants will be explore strategies and techniques for managing self-care and emotional wellbeing and supporting others. 

Session 1: Introduction to Stress and self-care

In this session, participants will…

  • Map external and internal pressures that impact on stress
  • Explore the psychological and physiological symptoms and impact of stress and stress related conditions
  • Be introduced to the symptoms of Compassion Fatigue, Burn Out and Vicarious Trauma
  • Discuss unhelpful thinking patterns (Cognitive Distortions)
  • Practice Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Positive Psychology techniques for stress management

Module 2: Applying the Principles of the PERMA Model for Emotional Wellbeing during Covid-19

In this session, participants will…

  • Explore Seligman’s PERMA Model for Emotional Wellbeing 
  • Discuss practical strategies for implementing the PERMA Model for Wellbeing to manage self-care during Covid-19

Module 3: Supporting others during Covid-19

In this session, participants will…

  • Be introduced to elements of the Psychological First Aid (PFA) Cycle
  • Discuss self-care/protection when offering PFA to someone
  • Explore the practical application of elements of PFA during Covid-19

How to register

Please register by clicking on the relevant link. Please only register one person from each organisation.

Register here for Thursday 25th February 09:30am to 4pm

Register here for Monday 22nd March 09:30 to 4pm



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Jane Bancroft

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