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Latest London Briefings

Spotlight on Older Homeless People - January 2020

Policy Forum - Universal Credit

Presentations and resources from the Policy Forum on Universal Credit held on the 10th of December 2019.


Policy Forum - HRA call for evidence

Presentations and resources from the Policy Forum on the Homelessness Reduction Action - Call for evidence forum held on the 3rd of October 2019.


Systems Leadership Masterclass - 2nd October 2019

Presentations from Systems Leadership Masterclass held on the 2nd October 2019.


Death on the Streets Spotlight

London Briefing : Temporary restrictions suspended to allow EEA Rough Sleepers to access emergency accommodation over winter period

Young People Policy Forum - July 2019

Presentations and resources from the PLUS Project - Policy Forum on Young People, held on the 10th of July 2019.


Alcohol and Homelessness Spotlight

Digital Technology Spotlight

Presentations and resources from the PLUS Project - Digital Technology in the Homelessness Sector held on the 20th March 2019.


Trans Awareness Spotlight - January 2019

Presentations and resources from the Trans Awareness and Homelessness spotlight that took place on the 23rd January 2019.


Spotlight on Employment

Spotlight on Mental Health

Spotlight on supporting homeless women with multiple needs

Photography by Elizabeth Pennington

Please find below presentations and resources from the spotlight on supporting women with multiple needs spotlight held on the 28th March 2018.


Analysis of 2017 rough sleeper counts and estimates

Analysis of the rough sleeping figures (based on counts and estimates) realeased on the 25th January 2018 provides a regional breakdown of the figures, and identifies the local authority areas that have seen the largest increases compared with previous years.


Modern Slavery Spotlight - December 2017

Download presentations from the Spotlight on Modern Slavery:

  • Understanding and Responding to Modern Slavery within the Homelessness Sector – Research overview and the main recommendations (Mick Clarke, The Passage)
  • Update on the Homelessness Reduction Act and Provisions for Victims of Modern Slavery (Harinder Birring, Shelter)
  • Data Collection and Challenges for Front-line Rough Sleeper Services (Karen Savant, St Mungo’s)
  • Identifying and Supporting Victims of Modern Slavery (Linn Aakvick, FLEX)
  • Working in Partnership (Alison Gardner, University of Nottingham)
  • Group work to discuss how the report recommendations can be taken forward 

    - Training and raising awareness
    - Data collection and collation 
    - Partnerships 


Combatting Homelessness Projects Launch Presentations - Oct 2017

Download presentations from the London Councils funded Combatting Homelessness Projects launch event on 11th October 2017.

  • STAR Partnership 
  • London Youth Gateway
  • HARP
  • Pan-London Umbrella Support (PLUS Project)
  • Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA)


Spotlight on creating gender and trauma informed approaches for women

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