Earlier funding announcements

In March 2016, there was an announcement that the introduction of LHA rate in 2018 will apply to supported housing tenancies signed after April 2017, not April 2016 as previously proposed

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Homeless Link hears from a number of members about how the application of the LHA cap would affect their services.

Jan 2016

An announcement of one year delay in applying 1% rent reduction to the supported housing sector until April 2017.

November 2015

The Government announces its intention to apply the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate to social housing, including supported housing. The rate will apply from April 2018 to any tenancy signed on, or after, 1st April 2016.

July 2015

The Summer Budget announces a 1% annual rent reduction for social landlords until 2020 and Homeless Link begins to gather information from its members to demonstrate the potential impact.

September 2012

The Government announces supported housing will continue to be funded outside of the Universal Credit system.

July 2011

The Coalition Government launches a consultation on housing benefit and the supported housing sector.