Youth Homelessness project

Young people experiencing homelessness are one of the most vulnerable groups in society. They continue to make up almost half of the people accessing homelessness services in England.

For the past six years, Homeless Link has undertaken research looking at youth homelessness. In line with our 2018-21 strategy we are now developing this work through our Youth Homelessness Project.

Funded by Comic Relief, the project is dedicated to identifying interventions, opportunities and risks to specifically prevent and respond to Youth Homelessness.

Through working with our members and other organisations working with young people impacted by homelessness we will build a strong national voice on youth homelessness.

Get involved

We are keen to hear from anyone who supports young people who are either at risk or experiencing homelessness.

We want to hear about the challenges and issues you and the young people you support are currently facing; current gaps in knowledge and practice; and what areas or emerging issues around Youth Homelessness you would like Homeless Link to focus on.

Youth Homelessness Resources: Reports and briefings

What are the current issues in youth homelessness? How can services improve their support for young people, in order to prevent and respond to homelessness?

Resources for practitioners and policy-makers, informed by feedback from services and young people across England. 


Young & Homeless 2018

young and homeless front cover

Our Young & Homeless report 2018 explores the reasons why young people become homeless, the support available to them and areas that need to be improved.