Missing and Homelessness

Every year 176,000 people are reported missing. Learn more about the links between missing and homelessness, and actions for homelessness teams 

Every year, approximately 100,000 adults and 76,000 children are reported missing. 

Research has shown there are clear links between homelessness and ‘missing’, including similarities between the social and interpersonal factors that make a person more likely to go missing, and pathways into homelessness such as relationship breakdown, mental health and substance use.

Sleeping rough is a common experience of both adults and young people who go missing, and there are links between going missing as a child and experiences of homelessness as an adult.

This guidance explains 'missing', including the rights of adults to go missing, the role of police, and the work of charity Missing People.

We'd like to thank Missing People for working with us to develop this guidance: www.missingpeople.org.uk/


Missing and Homelessness

Briefing by Homeless Link and Missing People, including how to: report someone missing, report a sighting, support someone who is missing 


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