Managing volunteers in homelessness services

How can services get the best from volunteers? 

Most homelessness services simply couldn’t run without their volunteers, and this is especially true of day centres and drop-ins. Volunteers help to cook, clean and maintain premises. They offer support and advice to the people using services. They also add a range of talents, skills and experiences into the mix, enriching and enhancing homelessness services.

Supporting and managing your volunteers takes time and energy. The smaller the budget of your organisation, the more you may rely on volunteers but the fewer resources may be available to support them. They can be your greatest asset, but it takes significant investment to ensure that they are working to the best of their capacity.

This guidance is intended to be both a checklist and a source of ideas so that services, and day centres in particular, can enable their volunteers to thrive.

Managing volunteers in homelessness services

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How could you improve the way you recruit and manage volunteers? Guidance to ensure that volunteering offers the best possible experience for volunteers, services and the people they support.


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