Resources on migrant destitution from our partners

Studies, research and practical guidance from other organisations and sectors working to end migrant destitution.

How to improve support and services for destitute migrants

Practical guidance from JRF to address the issues facing destitute migrants and overcome obstacles to providing accommodation, services and support.


Improving Support for Destitute Migrants

Members of the Association of Charitable Foundations working on issues concerning destitution realised there were doubts around the legality of support for migrants, including asylum seekers, who have no recourse to public funds.

These downloads are an overview of legal opinion sought on the issue by JRF and ACF.


Models of immigration advice

Models of immigration advice, advocacy and representation for destitute migrants, focusing on refused asylum seekers. Produced by Gina Clayton, with the support of Unbound Philanthropy and the Future Advice Fund.

Gina Clayton is an independent researcher and facilitator focusing mainly on refugee issues. She is chair of ASSIST Sheffield, an OISC accredited immigration adviser with South Yorkshire Refugee Law and Justice, and the author of Oxford University Press publication Textbook on Immigration and Asylum Law.


Models of accommodation and support for people with no recourse to public funds

A resource for practitioners and groups who want to get involved. Produced for Housing Justice, NACCOM and Praxis by Ceri Hutton and Sue Lukes.