Responses to Begging

How have local councils and their partners responded to increases in street begging?

Despite being a separate issue, street begging is often conflated with rough sleeping. In many areas, local councils and homelessness charities work together to address begging as part of their response to rough sleeping. This collection of case studies illustrates some of the approaches that local areas in England have taken, including approaches to support, the role of enforcement, and how to change perceptions without losing public goodwill.

Responses to Begging - case studies of local responses

In recent years, Homeless Link’s members and stakeholders have reported a rise in the numbers of individuals begging on the streets in many areas of England. This briefing was developed following requests for examples of local partnership approaches to begging, in particular responses that tackle the common assumption that people who are begging are also homeless, and responses that prioritise support over enforcement.


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