Best practice in accessing employment

In this podcast we explore access to employment for those often seen as not work ready. We look at how organisations, support workers and clients might be less risk averse and secondly how to build constructive relationships with employers.

People who use homelessness services often have challenges and needs that may put them at a disadvantage in the job market. Homelessness organisations as a whole or individual workers may consciously and or unconsciously take a view on if this will be preventative in them accessing employment and if they are ‘work ready’.

We have two speakers, employment specialists from both homelessness and mental health services, giving valuable insight and experience in accessing employment.


Gavin Benn – Innovation & Good Practice Project Manager, Homeless Link

Tina Meegan - Employment Specialist, Mental Health South Westminster Recovery Team, CNWL (CNWL are a Centre of Excellence for the IPS (Individual Placement and Support) employment support model.).

Zoe Pye - Employment Team Manager - Thames Reach

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Gavin Benn

Innovation and good practice project manager

Gavin was our innovation and good practice project manager, with responsibility for a range of initiatives including leading our National Day Centres Project, as well as projects around employment, and digital inclusion and substance misuse.

Telephone: 020 7840 4423
Twitter: @HL_GavinBenn