Universal Credit: An introduction for homelessness services webinar

Chris Brill, Homeless Link's Policy manager gives an overview of the Universal Credit full service, which is currently being rolled out across the country.

Webinar: Universal Credit - An introduction for homelessness services

Universal Credit full service is currently available in around 80 Job Centre Plus. Roll-out is due to be accelerated in October, with full service scheduled to be available in all Job Centres by October 2018

This webinar aims to equip staff working in homelessness services with a basic understanding of Universal Credit full service, including what Universal Credit aims to achieve, who can make a claim, how people can make a claim, and how Universal Credit is paid to claimants.

The webinar also covers some of the potential problems related to Universal Credit for people who are homeless. These have been identified by Homeless Link members, our Communities of Practice, our Expert Advisory Panel and Expert Link. Some specific safeguards built into Universal Credit will be discussed so that staff are aware of these and can then advise potential/current claimants.

By understanding the potential problems and safeguards members will hopefully be able to work to mitigate any negative impact. Homeless Link is gathering evidence from members of any additional issues that services are facing and will be aiming to work with the Department for Work and Pensions to develop solutions.

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Universal Credit webinar presentation