StreetLink community supporter - William

One of StreetLink’s young supporters, William C., recently wrote a poem in support of people experiencing homelessness and their dire situation. He shared his poem with family and friends, who were moved to donate to a variety of homelessness charities. We would like to share William’s poem with you.


By William C., aged 11, Surrey

I think to myself on my bed made of stone,
I’m cold right down to the bone. 
I look at the world in utter despair,
Why is my life so unfair!

I look at the children playing all day,
but when I ask for money they say “go away!”
If only, if only, I say every day!

I go for a walk, wishing to talk,
to someone who knows me, who doesn’t think I’m ugly or lonely.
Someone who knows who I am. No, not a poor, old, broke, dumb, homeless man.
But a man who wants life, a man who wants love.
A man who wants a roof, before I’m dead - in a puff.
All I want is to live.

So before I go,
I just want you to know,
I never did wrong, all my lifelong.
So I say with a prayer, I hope you all care.
I don’t want those glares or all of those stares.

I want to look out, and see love spreading around.
Rather than hate, because it’s not too late.
Rather than pain, instead let’s gain, all the love we need.

That is my wish, as I lay down to wither away.

Like I do every day.


NB The author’s words and perspectives on homelessness are his own, and do not necessarily reflect those of StreetLink.