People First

We believe that homelessness is a temporary state rather than a permanent condition. It is vital that individuals experiencing homelessness are given the right support to meet their needs and aspirations and improve wellbeing.

To help achieve this we will:

  • Develop tools and resources to support people experiencing homelessness into a wide range of employment, volunteering and life skills training opportunities
  • Increase our support for activities that encourage wellbeing, self-expression and empowerment, in particular by promoting community-based solutions based on individual needs and wants
  • Ensure that the key role faith-based and non-commissioned community organisations can play in supporting people out of homelessness is fully recognised and acknowledged, both locally and nationally
  • Champion Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion both in our own work and across the sector, ensuring that the diverse needs of people experiencing homelessness are identified and met in the most appropriate ways
  • Ensure the specific needs of women and young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness are recognised in both policy and practice, including in local commissioning arrangements and national strategies
  • Continue our work as part of the Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) coalition to improve the way that services across different sectors support people facing multiple disadvantage and create long-term changes to local and national systems
  • Identify and promote policy and practice approaches that effectively meet the housing, support and advice needs of non-UK citizens who are homeless and those with no recourse to public funds