Prevention Into Action

If we are to truly end homelessness, we must find ways of targeting our efforts and resources further upstream to prevent homelessness from occurring in the first place. But it is important to focus on what is actually within our gift to change, both as an organisation and a sector, alongside our campaigning efforts in this space.

Hence we pledge to:

  • Campaign for an enhanced advice/advocacy offer for people experiencing or at risk of all forms of homelessness. Strengthen relationships between homelessness and advice/advocacy organisations and ensure our members understand the legal frameworks and how to effectively advocate for peoples’ rights
  • Play a leading role in the emerging collaboration between health bodies, local authorities and the homelessness sector in order to improve health outcomes for people experiencing homelessness (especially people sleeping rough and those being discharged from hospital or other institutional services e.g. prisons, care, armed forces)
  • In partnership with members, conduct research into the drivers and potential preventative strategies that may reduce evictions and tenancy breakdowns that can exacerbate and prolong peoples’ homelessness