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Our in-house training team have been delivering training to voluntary and statutory organisations for the past 18 years. Courses are designed specifically for the housing and homelessness sector and delivered by specialist trainers experienced in the sector, so your team can apply what they learn directly to their work.

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  • Agency management: an introduction

    For Front line support workers and Managers

    This one-day course explores the contractual relationship between landlord housing associations and the managing agent. 

  • Alcohol: supporting change resistant and dependent drinkers

    For Front line support workers and Managers

    At any one time the majority of problem drinkers are not engaged in services, and of those who do engage approximately 50% will quickly drop out. Research suggests that those who drop out are likely to be among the more vulnerable individuals....

  • Anti-social behaviour: management and prevention

    For Front line support workers and Managers

    Develop your understanding of what is available to prevent and tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) including how to empower clients to manage their behaviour and acquire skills for social living.

  • Assessment & support planning skills

    For Front line support workers and Managers

    This course will show you how to assess and plan an exemplary level of support for the people you support.

  • Autism and Homelessness

    For Front line support workers

    This course will explore the different kinds of autism in this spectrum, and the behaviours and complexities that can be encountered. It will also emphasise the person-centred and strength-based approach to working with people with learning...

  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Communities and Homelessness

    For Front line support workers and Managers and Volunteers and others

    This course aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the types of multiple disadvantage and important issues facing individuals who are experiencing homelessness from BAME communities and the unique struggles they may face.

  • Communication & Influencing Skills

    For Managers

    This course will provide participants with an opportunity to develop their current skill-base.  It will look at what influencing is, the different approaches, and the key skills required to influence effectively. 

  • Communication skills

    For Front line support workers

    Build on your communication skills to ensure the time you have to support the people you are working with is productive and positive. 

  • Complex Needs, Dual Diagnosis and Personality Disorder

    For Front line support workers and Managers

    An introduction to complex needs, dual diagnoss and personality disorder to explore ways of supporting this client group, whilst keeping safe.

  • Conflict Management: violent and aggressive behaviour

    For Front line support workers and Volunteers and others

    Practical training to help you deal with verbal abuse, violence, threats and aggression. Learn techniques that can be adapted for use in your service, pre-emptive strategies and positive action, and de-escalation skills. You will also learn what...