Our coaching scheme is available to all staff working in homelessness or supported housing. It is designed to provide a confidential, safe space for reflection and discussion.

About our one-to-one coaching service

Homeless Link’s coaching scheme is available to all staff working in homelessness or supported housing. It is designed to provide a confidential, safe space for reflection and discussion. You may want to unlock an overall desire to change or focus on a specific issue.

Our coaches will listen, ask questions and support you to take control; and to identify the course of action you need to take in regards to your own development.

Working with a coach can not only help you to focus on your personal development, but they can also help when you are looking to develop new skills or change an area of practice within work. By working through an issue, you have the opportunity to rehearse a situation before needing to manage it in real-life.

The coaching scheme is structured around 6 sessions, each lasting 45 minutes.  It is important to us that you are able to build a trusting relationship with your coach that allows for open conversations. As such if you aren't happy after the first session then you will be able to cancel with just the one session owing and no further committment required from you. If however at the end of the session you are happy, then we would ask you to commit to a minimum of 5 further sessions. The frequency of the meetings can then be flexibly arranged to suit individual needs. Currently the sessions will take place online.

We may choose to evaluate the programme to help us to improve the programme’s delivery and to enable us to illustrate the value of coaching to future participants.

Fees for one-to-one coaching

Homeless Link members; per 6 sessions: £570 (+vat)

To make the service accessible to all organisations we are offering reduced rates for smaller charities twith a turnover under £500,000, that are also members of Homeless Link, as follows: 

Per 6 sessions: £510 (+vat)

Non-members; per 6 sessions: £750 (+vat)

Group coaching

We also offer a coaching service for groups of people. Group coaching is really effective in that it leverages the energy, support and collective knowledge of participants to help solve an issue more quickly. The individuals in the group are connected and work together on a common theme but with personal goals. The theme is improtant as it connects each individual within the group.

As with the one-to-one coaching, the sessions are designed to create a safe space, to build trust and openness between participants to enable them to learn and grow together.

Team coaching

We can also provide coaching sessions for teams who are looking to work together on the same goal. Our coaches work with teams to help identify where the team is and where it wants to go. Within this our coaches will unpick the team dynamics to help build effective relationships between team members. The way people act with their colleagues, and the way they communicate with one another are important drivers of effective team performance and the coach can really help to enable the team to work better together and this to occur.

Fees for group and team coaching

Please contact us if you are interested in a group or team coaching session so that we can understand what it is you are trying to achieve and the outcome you are looking for, to determine the best approach.

Further details

To find out more or book your first session please email Kate Alaway or call 07950954475.


"The coach Stephanie Hill was incredible...I am now much more able to 'ground' myself and not be so stressed by other people's trauma."

Tracey, Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness

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