Policy Development

Working with organisations to update or develop new internal policies is the most popular consultancy choice for our Members.

We develop policies that are in line with best practice and mirror your organisational approach or way of working. Whether it is Safeguarding, working in a Trauma-Informed way or Lone Working, we can collaborate with you to create policies that are user friendly for your staff and every partner we work with receives a fully tailored and bespoke package that is right for each organisation.

This could take the form of a basic set of organisational principles to a full organisation-wide safeguarding strategy and policy; we can help you from the small day-to-day practicalities of providing your service right up to larger, more strategic policies.

Our Consultancy and training team work closely together to provide you with a tailored training package that will support your staff to take ownership of the polices that we develop together and this programme will be developed collaboratively and we will share our learnings and experience at every stage, to ensure you get the right programme for your organisation. An example of training packages could be Trauma Informed Care (TIC) training for Staff and Managers with the additional option of Consultancy in order to fully embed this approach in an organisation.

We recently delivered TIC training for an organisation in Kent and our Consultant spent time helping them to develop their policies so that the approach would continue in all areas of their work. Our Consultant also trained individual staff to become ‘TIC Champions’ so that the approach was regularly reviewed and refreshed.


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Sophie Price

Consultancy Manager

"As the new Consultancy Manager, I will be coordinating a wide range of tailored support to the sector including research, evaluations and strategies. I also lead on The Enterprise Development Programme with the aim of building financial resilience through trading and enterprise."

Telephone: 020 7840 4417
Email: sophie.price@homelesslink.org.uk
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