Trauma-informed for Managers

This course will provide an overview of Complex Trauma and explore how a trauma-informed approach can be safely and effectively implemented by managers across their teams.

Along with information about Complex Trauma and its impact, the course provides delegates with an understanding of why implementing trauma-informed approaches are necessary.

We explore key methods of applying a trauma-informed approach in services and delegates will have the opportunity to reflect on wider organisational systems and procedures.

Delegates will also be given information about how to recognise Vicarious/Secondary Trauma within their team and how they can support their staff to implement learning from their own training.

Who is this course for?

  • Operational and Senior Managers looking to implement trauma-informed approaches across their team or organisation.
  • Organisations who are not yet, or are in the early stages of, working in a psychologically-informed way.

The course will cover:

  • An overview/recap of Complex Trauma and an exploration of the impact on individuals
  • What being trauma-informed looks like (including how gender-informed fits in with trauma-informed approaches)
  • Applying a safety and strengths-based approach to staff wellbeing/support and how risk can be managed effectively through the lens of safety
  • Complex Trauma and the impact on staff (Vicarious Trauma/Empathy Fatigue) and how managers can support as effectively as possible
  • How to apply this to services using an internally driven self-assessment approach.

Please note that, due to the sensitive nature of this training course, delegates might feel anxious or upset by some of the course content if it relates to their own experiences. They must be aware of the course content beforehand, to be emotionally prepared for the day. Please ensure that all delegates read this course outline ahead of the training. They will be able to step out during the session if needed. There is no requirement for delegates to share personal experiences on this course.


Face to face: one-day course
Online: Three 1.5 hour modules delivered in one day

Online learning

Online courses are delivered via the Zoom platform. Each course is delivered over three 1.5-hour modules in one day at the following times:

Module 1- 9:30am-11am
Module 2- 12pm-1:30pm
Module 3- 2:30pm-4pm 

We can be flexible on the above delivery model if needed, but an additional cost may be incurred. 

If you would like to discuss our online training offer in more detail, please use the following contact information below:
​Call: James on 07375 042 815 or Sharelle on 07881921476

Costs for one full-day face to face course or three 1.5-hour online modules

This course can be booked for a team of up to 16 for face to face training or up to 20 for online training: 

Members face to face: £850 plus Trainer expenses
Members online: £850 - no Trainer expenses
Non-members face to face: £1,200 plus Trainer expenses
Non-members online: £1,200 - no Trainer expenses

I really enjoyed the training and the subject matter, it was really well presented and Jo was brilliant, very friendly and informative. I would attend again and am interested in pursuing this further.

Sara Cockrill

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