A Stronger Voice

Our strength lies in our members: their skills, experience, resources and passion. They know better than anyone the true nature and scale of the challenge to end homelessness. We want to give voice to their experience and, in so doing, create opportunities for shared learning and celebration and give challenge to systems that are not working for people.

To achieve this we will:

  • Take a bolder campaigning approach, which enables members to play an active role and lend the weight of their experience and knowledge to changes at a systems level, both locally and nationally
  • Make it easier for organisations to identify themselves as members of Homeless Link and engage at all levels within the organisation in ways that suit their circumstances
  • Support our members to improve their practice via information resources, training and events, networking and grant making, and make our In-Form client relationship and service management system an essential tool for managing data about our members’ work
  • Secure independent funding for our campaigning work that enables us to have a strong voice and legitimate opinion on behalf of our members, in pursuit of an end to homelessness
  • Grow our membership base to over 1000 by the end of this strategy period to ensure we represent the widest possible range of homelessness organisations in this country