Suicide Prevention

Guidance for homelessness services to develop their organisational approach to suicide prevention

Homelessness services play an important role in supporting people with their physical and mental safety and well-being. Experiences preceding a person’s homelessness, as well as being currently homeless on the streets or in services, may increase the risk of suicidal thoughts or feelings, and the risk of suicide attempts. It is vital that organisations offer the right support, both to prevent suicide and to support staff who are working with homeless individuals.

This guidance focuses on how managers can incorporate suicide prevention into the planning and delivery of services. It includes links to tools, information and training for teams to improve their support to individuals.

The Pavement's Suicide Feature Edition explores the impact of suicide through the experiences of people who are homeless and vulnerably housed.

Suicide prevention guidance

man looking depressed

Suicide prevention guidance for managers and frontline staff, covering:

  • Developing an organisational approach to suicide prevention
  • Responding to a suicide
  • Help and information for people who are feeling suicidal
  • Training for staff and volunteers       

We're grateful to The Pavement and Groundswell for sharing the work of their From the Ground Up peer reporters in this Suicide Feature Edition, exploring how suicide affects people who are homeless.