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Who is this course for?

For managers and frontline staff in the homelessness and supported housing sector.

What will you learn?

In relation to Lone Working the course participants will;

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of their existing practise.
  • Review their current risk assessment process and will consider what changes are necessary.
  • Understand the principal Health and Safety legislation and its relationship to lone working.
  • Have drafted an organisation policy on Lone Working.
  • Have considered a comprehensive range of procedures to ensure safer Lone Working from the perspective of the worker and management.
  • Be aware and understand the need for good reporting, monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • Understand the need to communicate effectively and assertively to management and team members about lone working health and safety issues
  • Understand that lone working is not lonely working, and explore the need to develop and maintain work as a team.


Face to face: One-day course
Online: Three 1.5 hour modules delivered in one day

Online learning

Due to the current Covid19 pandemic we are delivering our face to face courses online via the Zoom platform. Each course is delivered over three 1.5-hour modules in one-day at the following times:

Module 1- 9:30am-11am
Module 2- 12pm-1:30pm
Module 3- 2:30pm-4pm 

We can be flexible on the above delivery model if needed, but an additional cost may be incurred. 

If you would like to discuss our online training offer in more detail, please use the following contact information below:
Email: training@homelesslink.org.uk
​Call: James on 07375 042 815 or Sharelle on 07881921476

Costs for one full-day face to face course or three 1.5-hour online modules

This course can be booked for a team of up to 16 for face to face training or up to 20 for online training: 

Members face to face: £940 plus Trainer expenses
Members online: £940 - no Trainer expenses

Non-members face to face: £1,335 plus Trainer expenses
Non-members online: £1,335 - no Trainer expenses