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Creating more inclusive organisations

A key aim of our leadership work is to support leaders to create more equitable, diverse and inclusive homelessness organisations.

As part of this, we have consulted with leaders from a range of organisations of different sizes, geographies and specialisms, and our leadership EDI expert partner, to co-produce an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Maturity Self-Assessment Tool.

The Tool will be launched on 7 December at the Homeless Link Leadership Summit and will be available on our website soon after.


An introduction to the Tool

Homeless Link’s EDI Tool will provide a structured set of self-assessment questions to help leaders in the homelessness sector assess the maturity of organisational EDI policies and practices.

The EDI Tool will aim to enable homelessness organisations to self-assess:

● maturity against a best practice framework;

● progress over time; and

● the effectiveness of their EDI-related strategies, policies, processes and initiatives.

This Tool is designed to support organisations’ development in relation to EDI. It does not represent a formal endorsement or accreditation by Homeless Link.

Who is the EDI Tool for?

This EDI Tool will help homelessness organisations in their journey to improving equity, diversity and inclusion for their staff and volunteers and for people who access their services.

It may be more suited to medium to large organisations in the sector, i.e. those with an annual turnover of more than £1 million.

How was the EDI Tool developed?

The EDI Tool is founded on established and common practices in driving EDI for different types of organisation and sector.

Homeless Link developed the EDI Tool in partnership with an external EDI consultant, engaging a range of organisations from the sector in its development. We are very interested to hear your views on the EDI Tool and how it works in practice.

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Lucy Horitz

Lucy Horitz

Senior Learning & Development Manager

Lucy develops and manages Homeless Link's Leadership Programme for London and national coaching services.