Local elections 2021 - what you can do

On Thursday 6 May 2021, 4648 people are expected to be elected. They will all have at least some responsibility for housing and homelessness. This is a great chance to get our issues highlighted. 


Local Elections 2021 What you can do to help
Local Elections 2021 What you can do to help

We know you are busy so please choose from the following activities and do what you can. The more noise you make the easier our jobs will be after the election! But don’t feel you have to do everything. 

Read through our Pledge and share it with any candidates who you meet. (30 mins) 

  • Share the Pledge with your staff, volunteers and clients and ask them to raise them with any candidates you they meet. (Less than one hour) 
  • You could send the Pledge by email to all the candidates in the ward, or across the district where you are based asking them to let you know if they are prepared to sign it (see model email here). Use the word version of the pledge to add your own organisation’s logo. Ask them to take a selfie with the signed pledge and send it back to you. (Less than two hours) 
  • You can use our draft letter to write to the local newspaper or media calling on candidates to sign the Pledge. (Less than two hours) 
  • You can use our guide to organise a hustings meeting for local candidates to discuss their policies on housing and homelessness. This could be done through your local forum or jointly with others in your area. (A couple of days work) 
  • Do let us know what response you receive from candidates and share any selfies. Email rob.cartridge@homelesslink.org.uk or tweet @HomelessLink. Remember, putting in work now may lead to a better relationship with your local government representatives in the future so it could be a good investment of time. Politicians are always in listening mode in election times. 

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Rob Cartridge

Head of Communications and Advocacy

Rob Cartridge is a Campaigns and Communications Manager at Homeless Link.