Working with prison leavers

A resource to help homelessness staff understand the criminal justice system and support people who have recently left custody. 

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Many people who leave prison, do so without sustainable or robust accommodation options. If these fall through, they may face homelessness and the risk of re-offending. It's important that staff in homelessness services understand the challenges that people face on leaving prison, as well as how to help.

The criminal justice system (CJS) is also undergoing major reforms that are aiming to remedy these challenges, but often fail prison leavers in practice. Without clear advice and support, individuals who have recently left the criminal justice system face unique challenges relating to welfare support, access to housing, gaining employment, disclosing convictions and more.

This resource is designed to improve the knowledge and expertise of frontline staff in outreach and frontline homelessness services, who are often a first point of contact for people who have recently left prison.

Last updated: 2018

Working with prison leavers

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This resource is aimed at staff member coming into contact with people who have recently been released from custody, especially those in advice and first point of contact roles.