Yorkshire & Humber Community of Practice

Thursday, 21 October 2021
Online - 9.30am-12pm

New drug trends! How do they happen? How do we respond?

Come and join us for a session of shared learning and best practice in Harm reduction, screening and ongoing support.

Homeless Link Communities of Practice are designed to bring together people working in homelessness and related fields within local areas. The aim is to create a safe and informal space in which attendees can share knowledge and good practice, discuss local issues and explore how best to collaboratively overcome them. Our Communities of Practice are open to paid and unpaid workers and to people with lived experience of homelessness.

For this session we will focus on new drug trends, with a particular focus on  synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists (commonly known as ‘Spice’). We will hear from David Gill (Founder of Risk & Resilliance and Associate member of Homeless Link).

The purpose of a community of practice is to:

- Facilitate knowledge sharing and social learning between practitioners

- Provide a safe venue for people to listen, reflect and receive feedback

- Try out and discuss changes that encourage innovation

- Allow people to hear about new evidence learning and practice

- Harness the expertise of frontline workers to drive real, actionable solutions

- Improve networking across the sector and with other related fields

- To identify areas of change within a complex system

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For further information about this event please contact Partnership Manager - Sirea Jabar at sirea.jabar@homelesslink.org.uk


Talk To Us

Sirea Jabar

Partnership Manager (North)

Sirea works as Homeless Link's Partnership Manager across the North of England.