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Learning from experience

Our leadership mentoring programme aims to give participants protected time in their diaries with a successful leader from within the homelessness sector. This time will give participants space to build on their confidence, resilience, and goals for the future, as well as work through challenges.

Leading teams and organisations is complex and has been made more complex with the COVID-19 pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis. It can be hard for leaders to find time to reflect on their role, how it impacts them, their organisation and the sector more widely.

The leadership mentoring programme offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Learn from a successful leader
  • Build their knowledge of strategic issues
  • Ask questions and discuss real-life challenges
  • Work towards personal and organisational goals
  • Learn from the mentors’ skills, experience, and expertise.

How the scheme works


The mentoring programme will be a minimum commitment of six sessions delivered over six months. Each session will be 45 minutes long, with an expectation that mentors and mentees will spend some time preparing for each session.

Who is it for?

The mentoring programme is available to participants of both Established and Emerging Leaders programmes.


Being a mentee

Why become a mentee?

There are many benefits to becoming a mentee, including the opportunity to:

  • Secure protected time to ask questions, reflect and work through a challenge
  • Build a professional and supportive relationship with a successful leader
  • Build on your confidence as a leader
  • Develop as a leader

What we look for in a mentee:

  • Commitment to their personal development and willingness to make time for the monthly sessions
  • Being open to the support, guidance and ideas provided by the mentor
  • Being proactive, including taking responsibility for arranging meetings with their mentor
  • Respecting their mentor’s time by being well-prepared for sessions.