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People First

We believe that homelessness is a temporary state rather than a permanent condition.

It is vital that individuals experiencing homelessness are given the right support to meet their needs and aspirations and improve wellbeing. This applies to everyone but particular groups face specific challenges.

Our People First strategy

People First is a key tenet of our Shaping the Future Together strategy and it will be delivered by:

Developing tools and resources to support people experiencing homelessness into a wide range of employment, volunteering and life skills training opportunities

Increasing our support for activities that encourage wellbeing, self-expression and empowerment, in particular by promoting community-based solutions based on individual needs and wants

Ensuring that the key role faith-based and non-commissioned community organisations can play in supporting people out of homelessness is fully recognised and acknowledged, both locally and nationally

Championing Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion both in our own work and across the sector, ensuring that the diverse needs of people experiencing homelessness are identified and met in the most appropriate ways

Ensuring the specific needs of women and young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness are recognised in both policy and practice, including in local commissioning arrangements and national strategies

Continuing our work as part of the Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) coalition to improve the way that services across different sectors support people facing multiple disadvantage and create long-term changes to local and national systems

Identifying and promoting policy and practice approaches that effectively meet the housing, support and advice needs of non-UK citizens who are homeless and those with no recourse to public funds

Supporting LGBTQI+ people

Service providers are not always aware of the sexuality or gender identity of the people they support, and might not understand their needs.

As a result, LGBTQI+ individuals can struggle to get the right support, delaying their progression out of homelessness and increasing the risk of further disadvantage or exclusion. We have worked with partners such as the Outside Project and akt to develop guidance and resource of services supporting LGBTQI+ people.

Supporting Non-UK Nationals

European nationals form a significant part of the UK homeless population.

We have developed a range of resources and training courses to equip homelessness services with the information and expertise to meet the needs of Non-UK Nationals.

Ending women's homelessness

The Ending Women’s Homelessness Fund (EWHF) was established by Homeless Link to fund grantees to develop new initiatives or enhance their existing work to improve support for women experiencing homelessness and multiple disadvantage.

Homeless Link administered funds received from the Tampon Tax Fund totalling £1.85m to twenty nine projects. The 29 grantees spanned the homelessness and women’s sector and beyond including front-line services and some second-tier organisations. Some were women-only projects and others were mixed services that recognised the need to enhance provision for women. Grantees included a mix of mainstream and specialist services for Black and minoritised women, women involved in prostitution and LGBT women.

In 2021, we published our findings.

Supporting young people

Young people experiencing homelessness are one of the most vulnerable groups in society.

Funded by Comic Relief, our youth homelessness work is dedicated to identifying interventions, opportunities and risks to specifically prevent and respond to Youth Homelessness.

Through working with our members and other organisations working with young people impacted by homelessness we will build a strong national voice on youth homelessness.

For more information about our work on youth homelessness


Lauren Page-Hammick

National Practice Development Project Manager (Youth Homelessness Lead)

Lauren is a National Practice Homelessness Project Manager leading on our youth homelessness work.