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Help end homelessness

Find out more about the causes of homelessness and what you can do to help end it with our full range of resources.

What is homelessness?

Homelessness is about more than sleeping rough. This page will help you understand the different types of homelessness and why some are treated as a priority. 

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What causes homelessness?

It's important to understand more about the causes of homelessness, such as relationship breakdown, the end of a tenancy, and the high cost of housing.

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What is the impact of homelessness?

Homelessness can lead to isolation, poor physical and mental health. Homelessness can also lead to substance abuse and create barriers to accessing healthcare

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What are the solutions to homelessness?

The pandemic showed us how homelessness can be tackled. Homelessness is not inevitable. This page shows the steps that should be taken to end homelessness for good.  

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How many people are homeless?

In this page we look at estimates of the number of people who are homeless in England. There are links to up to date data from a number of sources.

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How can I help someone facing homelessness?

If you know someone who is at risk of becoming homeless this page tells you where you can get help. 

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How do I help someone who is sleeping rough?

If you see a person sleeping rough, there are a number of ways that you can help them.

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How can I help to end homelessness?

You can help to end homelessness. There are a number of different ways in which you can help, including donating, volunteering, campaigning and more

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Annual reviews

Our annual reviews of the homelessness sector analyse the capacity, support and services available to single people who become homeless in England. It looks at the changing demand for those services, as well as changes to funding and provision, and examines topical issues faced by the sector.

For the past 13 years, Homeless Link has produced an annual review of the available support for people experiencing ‘single homelessness’ in England. These individuals are less likely than families to be to be entitled to housing by their local authority, and therefore, often must rely on homelessness charities for accommodation, advice and other forms of support. Our study provides vital evidence of the support provided by these services and is the only available data source of its kind for the homelessness sector in England.

2022 Annual Review

2022 was a year marked by a cost of living crisis that increased pressure on people at risk of homelessness and people already experiencing homelessness. As the homelessness sector emerged from the last of the pandemic related interventions, concerning trends started to emerge, with increases in people experiencing homelessness, rough sleeping and in temporary accommodation.

It includes data on homelessness trends, availability of homelessness services, numbers of singe people facing homelessness and what services are available for this specific group.

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