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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is a country free from homelessness. We believe that everyone should have a place to call home and the support they need to keep it.

And our mission is to develop, inspire, support and sustain a movement of organisations working together to achieve positive futures for people who are homeless or vulnerably housed.

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Here is our journey. Come with us.

As the membership body for the homelessness sector in England, with over 800 members, Homeless Link is in a unique position to see both the scale and nature of the tragedy of homelessness. We see the data gaps; the national policy barriers; the constraints of both funding and expertise; the system blocks and attitudinal obstacles. But, crucially, we also see – and are instrumental in developing – the positive practice and ‘what works’ solutions.

Key to those solutions is the tireless work our growing body of members do across the country to support, enable and empower people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

As an organisation we believe that things can and should be better: not because we are naïve or cut off from reality, but because we have seen and experienced radical positive change in the way systems and services are delivered – and that gives us hope for a different future.

Our full strategic plan for 2021-24 is linked below. We want our members – the beating heart of all we do – to come on this journey with us. To end homelessness for good by ensuring everyone has a place to call home and the support they need to keep it. And moreover, to help create positive futures for all individuals experiencing homelessness or living in vulnerable housing situations.

Our values

Our values are important to us as an organisation and the work that we do. We have distilled what makes Homeless Link unique, with 4 values.

Committed: We work tirelessly to drive social change to end homelessness for good

Compassionate: We belief in the value and potential of people. We champion justice, humanity and compassion for all

Credible: We speak the truth based on evidence. We listen and learn, ask questions and respond with honesty and integrity.

Collaborative:  We believe in the power of partnership, working together for better results - with our members, our partners and people experiencing homelessness


Commitment to Change: Homeless Link's Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy

Homeless Link cannot achieve our vision, mission and strategy without also addressing equalities, diversity and inclusion. We have a separate strategy that sets out our commitment and the approach that Homeless Link will take over the next 3 years. Read more about our work on equity, diversity and inclusion:

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What We Do


Be part of our community of over 800 organisations and individuals working to end homelessness across England.

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Tailored support including research, evaluations and strategies to help your organisation review your services, embed best practice and become financially resilient.

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Grants, Funding and Investment

Securing funding is always a major challenge for the homelessness sector. Homeless Link lobbies for funding in this area. We also manage some grant programmes on behalf of others.

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The UK's leading client relationship and service management solution. Built by Homeless Link. For the sector.

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Our courses are based on the latest homelessness policy, research and legislation, helping you to develop professionally, overcome day-to-day challenges and improve the service you offer to the people you support.

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Policy and Influencing

Homeless Link represents organisations working on homelessness throughout the country. We give a stronger voice to our members and to the sector as we work to improve policies at local and national level and build a movement to end homelessness.

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Homelessness is a complex problem requiring complex solutions. Through our research team and our consultancy service we gather evidence, data and best practice from our members and across the homelessness sector to help to inform decision makers in terms of policy and practice.

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Data and Information Services

Homeless Link is proud to manage a number of services which gather valuable data about rough sleeping, and help people sleeping rough to access relevant services more effectively.

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Supporting Local Partnerships

Ending homelessness requires many people to work together across the voluntary sector, local government, health services and private sector. Homeless Link have pioneered and continue to support local partnerships across England.

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