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By publishing this Strategy we are committing to a programme of work to improve our EDI across all aspects of our governance and operations. Progress against this strategy will be led by the Homeless Link Executive Team and reported to the Board who will take overall responsibility for achieving the EDI strategic aims set out below. We will produce and monitor progress against annual Implementation Plans that move us incrementally closer to achieving our overall aims.

Homeless Link is committed to EDI because, for maximum performance as an organisation and as a corporate citizen, we must:

Recognise and value difference

Recognise and redress inequality and disadvantage

While current UK Equality legislation refers to 9 protected characteristics (i.e. specific demographic groups) which have legal protection against discrimination, our intention is to address EDI in its broadest sense. This strategy and our related policies are not limited to only meeting legal compliance; they are intended to cover all unfair discrimination and promote the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.

We acknowledge that as an organisation we are on a journey and have much to learn. At present our Board of Trustees, Leadership team and wider staff team are not as diverse as we would like. We also recognise that the sector we support and represent – made up of almost 900 organisations across the country – also have a way to go on their own EDI journeys. And the policy and legal framework that impacts on homelessness in all its forms can at times fail to address the specific needs of the wide range of citizens in this country.

Commitment to Change: Homeless Link's Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy

This strategy is our Commitment to Change. By the end of the 3 year period covered by the strategy we want to be significantly more diverse and supportive as an employer’ strongly championing EDI to members, partners other homelessness organisations and policy makers to support the rights and needs of all citizens even if this requires fundamental changes to the way things are done.

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