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Homeless Link is striving to become an inclusive employer. We believe that the best, most effective workforce is a diverse and inclusive one. We know that we need to do more to reach that goal.

In 2023 we applied for, and achieved the Investors in Diversity Award. We were delighted that 96.2% of our staff think that all or most of the people the people they work with are accepting of other people whatever their background. However, we are not complacent and know we have further changes to make. We won't be happy until we reach 100%.

We are also a member of the Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse, a network of employers working to take effective action on domestic abuse.

Below are examples of some of the ways that we are changing and facilitating a more inclusive workplace.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group (EDIAG)

Our EDIAG helped to draft the organisation's EDI strategy and workplan. Its role now is to act as the organisation's key advisor in all work that is relevant to improve our approach and commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion as an employer and service provider.

The group is not responsible for delivering on actions, but instead it gives advice and holds the organisation to account. Their work adds essential value to Homeless Link by providing support in the workplace and empowering members to share their lived experiences of the organisation's culture.

At it's core, intersectionality lays the foundation of the group. This means that people's experiences are not always influenced by one characteristic, but can come through multiple which in turn, influence each other. As a result, no experience is the same.

"I am proud to be a woman working at Homeless Link"
Quote from member of the EDI Advisory Group

Full quote: "I am proud to be a woman working at Homeless Link. Though I’ve chosen not to have children, the flexible working arrangements are very conducive to juggling responsibilities. I’ve also chosen to work compressed hours and do a nine day fortnight, which enables me to pursue my other hobbies on my day off every fortnight.

There are plenty of female role models within the organisation and I’ve never experienced/heard any kind of inappropriate sexist language or casual sexism. The organisation is progressive and the leadership team model appropriate behaviours.

I’m pleased that Homeless Link views EDI as a strategic priority, setting the standard for our member organisations. I’ve chosen to be a member of the EDI Advisory Group, something I feel really passionate about and in my day-to-day work EDI forms an important part of my role."

Resonance Groups

At Homeless Link, we also have resonance groups that act as informal spaces for Homeless Link staff to talk, meet and build community. The groups allow for staff to feel and be supported by creating a sense of belonging and allowing employees to share their experiences with individuals from the same community.

We have 3 groups: People of Colour, LGBTQIA+ and a newly formed group on Disability. The groups provide psychological safety, providing support as an entity and in turn add value to the organisation as a whole.

Group talking
"The group started in 2021 and is now a thriving space for staff. With monthly online meetups and regular chats, there is a real sense of connection and community. It offers the opportunity to talk about the challenges and prejudices faced in our work as well as creating a collective voice for equality, diversity and inclusion matters."
Quote from LGBTQIA+ Resonance Group

Practicing inclusion

One of the ways we encourage practicing inclusion in the workplace is by raising awareness of cultural events, through our creation of an internal cultural calendar. We regularly raise awareness of different events by sharing resources and encouraging mutual support amongst our staff.

From our calendar, we have published guides around various religious festivals. This helps to bring about better understanding between people of different faiths and backgrounds. You can browse through some of the guides here.

We also run awareness sessions, run by our own staff, around various areas within EDI. These have recently included: the Equality Act, unconscious bias and conscious inclusion, mental health awareness and domestic abuse. We create toolkits for staff to put inclusive practices into actions - for example how to be inclusive to neurodivergent people and how to be an ally to people who identify as Bi.

"This group has been extremely beneficial for my wellbeing at Homeless Link. I feel like there is always a place for me to discuss topics with colleagues that have faced similar challenges and we are able to support one another with empathy."
Quote from member of People of Colour Resonance Group

How we recruit

Although are staff are diverse, there is still more to be done. We recognise that inclusive recruitment is a critical if we are to improve the diversity and inclusion of our workforce. We strive to make our processes as accessible as possible - from application to interview to onboarding.

Please note that all Homeless Link vacancies are advertised on the homelessness jobs board that we run. If you have any questions about our recruitment processes and their inclusivity feel free to get in touch.

Currently, our workforce is made up of:

  • Individual at Laptop

    59% Women

  • Meeting1_no-padding

    14% People of Colour

  • Group4lgbtq_no-padding

    17% LGBTQIA+

  • Group3wheelchair_no-padding

    13% Disabled people