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Senior Management team

The senior management team work with the board to define and deliver our strategy and the work we do in each specialist team. They also represent the organisation externally, maintaining and developing our profile with the public, government and in the media.

  • 6M5A1807

    Rick Henderson

    Chief Executive

  • 6M5A1724

    Matt Harrison

    Deputy Chief Executive

  • 6M5A1740

    Fiona Colley

    Director of Social Change

  • 6M5A1721

    Peter Smith

    Director of Sector Development

Board of Trustees

Our board of trustees is made up of unpaid individuals elected by our membership, others who are independently appointed and people with direct experience of homelessness.

  • IMG_6502 best (1)

    Anne McLoughin

    Chair of Trustees

  • associate

    Ian Watson


  • Harish Bhayani_770x415px

    Harish Bhayani

    Founder & Senior Partner at PRM Diversity Consultants

  • Amanda Dubarry_770x415px

    Amanda Dubarry

    Chief Executive for Caritas Anchor House

  • Adele Duncan

    Adele Duncan

    Director of Client Services at Transform Housing & Support

  • Angela Lennox_770x415px

    Angela Lennox

    General Practitioner

  • IMG_1007 (1)

    David Smith

    CEO of Oasis Community Housing

  • IMG_1003 (1)

    Ellie McNeil

    Ellie is the Chief Executive of YMCA Liverpool and Sefton

  • GR_Project_7 (1)

    Maria Iglesias

    Head of Operations and Business Development at Praxis

  • ross-watkins-web

    Ross Watkins

    Community Manager, Emmaus

Central Services team

Our central services team keep the wheels of Homeless Link turning by keeping our office running smoothly and making sure our staff have everything they need.

  • 31

    David Asafori

    Head of finance

  • 53

    Jo Bone

    HR manager

  • 64

    Jolanta Bobiniene

    Finance Manager

  • 52

    Mahlet Tefera

    Finance Officer

  • 12

    Clare Riddiford

    Salesforce CRM & Systems Manager

Communications and Advocacy team

We are committed to raising awareness, changing perceptions and empowering people to act when it comes to ending homelessness.

  • 1

    Rob Cartridge

    Head of Communications and Advocacy

  • 38

    Louise Weaver

    Communications Manager

  • 6M5A1564

    Jonny Keyworth

    Senior Digital Communications Manager

  • 41

    Nye Jones

    Campaigns Manager

  • Gareth_Thomas.med__1

    Gareth Thomas

    Senior Information Manager

  • 6M5A1628

    Pavan Nagra

    Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Grants and Investment team

For more information about any of our programmes, or for a conversation about grants and investments within the homelessness sector, please email fund@homelesslink.org.uk.  

  • 5

    Belinda Moreau-Jones

    Head of Grants and Investments

  • 6

    Murphy Hopkins-Hubbard

    Senior Enterprise Development and Investment Manager

  • 33

    Tom Flynn

    Senior Grants Manager

  • 7

    Rebecca Dillon

    Grants Manager

In-Form Business Development Team

Our In-Form Business Development Team is here to help you find the In-Form product that's right for you.

  • 6M5A1819

    Jane Finucane

    Assistant Director In-Form Business Development

  • 56

    Cainan Loubon

    Head of In-Form Sales

  • 54

    Amber Land

    In-Form Marketing Manager

  • Rowena Bisnath

    Rowena Bisnath

    In-Form Business Development Manager

  • 23a

    Lauren Ashman

    In-Form Finance Officer

In-Form Technical Team

Our In-Form Technical Team is here to help you with your new In-Form system, and through a programme of ongoing support and development.

  • 24

    Nick Leary

    Assistant Director of In-Form Technology

  • 6M5A1802

    Alisa Ardini

    Head of In-Form Technical Team

  • Olivia Cannon

    Olivia Cannon

    Head of Product

  • Shiv Kumar

    Shiv Kumar

    Head of In-Form Technical Team

  • Grant Gair

    Grant Gair

    In-Form Training Manager

  • 6M5A1665

    Silvina Brodersohn

    In-Form Solution Engineer

  • 67

    Gail Treves-Brown

    Senior Product Consultant

  • peter-brooks

    George Langdon

    Technical Architect

  • 21

    Emma Fee

    Product Manager and Quality Assurance Lead

  • 55

    James Cannon

    Senior Consultant

  • 60

    Amy Evans

    Senior Consultant

  • Katia Padfield

    Katia Padfield

    Senior Consultant

  • Karina Maitland

    Karina Maitland

    Senior Consultant

  • Michael_Mulkeen

    Michael Mulkeen

    Senior Consultant

  • Fiona Murchinson

    Fiona Murchinson

    Senior Consultant

  • 18

    Rafiqul Islam

    Senior Consultant

  • 20

    Caitlin Palmer

    Senior Consultant & Customer Success Manager

  • peter-brooks

    Bob Burton

    Lead Consultant

  • 6M5A1646

    Will Hayes

    Lead Consultant

  • Sam Leonard

    Sam Leonard

    Lead Consultant

  • 35a

    Liam Moran

    Lead Consultant

  • 6M5A1765

    Al Morrissey

    Lead Consultant

  • Niharika Raman

    Niharika Raman

    Lead Consultant

  • peter-brooks

    Claire Wedderman

    Lead Consultant

  • Parvez Ahmed

    Parvez Ahmed


  • Zareen Graves

    Zareen Graves


  • Alex Low (2)

    Alex Low


  • 6M5A1744

    Jitka O'Brien


  • 19

    Roland Pusker


  • 43a

    Jon Timms


Member Services team

Our member services team works directly with our members across England, through membership, events, training and consultancy, to improve homelessness and supported housing services.

  • 6M5A1830

    Kate Alaway

    Head of Member Services

  • 6M5A1795

    Lizzie March

    Membership Manager

  • Alex McKenziev3

    Alex McKenzie

    Conference and Events Manager

  • lana 3_0

    Lana Newby

    Events Officer

  • Laura Millward

    Laura Millward

    Senior Learning & Development Manager

  • 6M5A1775

    James Cuming

    Training Manager

  • 36

    Sharelle Hunte

    Training Officer

  • 26

    Sophie Price

    Consultancy Manager

  • Sian

    Sian Morris

    Consultancy Officer

  • 66

    Helen McCall

    Marketing Manager for Member Services

  • Lucy Horitz

    Lucy Horitz

    Senior Learning & Development Manager

  • 6M5A1599

    Hannah Opie

    Learning and Development Manager

National Practice Development team

Our National Practice Development team works with organisations across homelessness and related sectors to develop new approaches and improve current practice to supporting people out of homelessness.

Through practical guidance and toolkits, pilot projects and training, the team helps the sector progress and adapt to changing demands. 

  • 6M5A1791-Edit

    Jo Prestidge

    Head of National Practice Development

  • 62a

    Alex Smith

    Senior National Practice Development Project Manager (Housing First Lead)

  • 6M5A1828

    Lauren Page-Hammick

    National Practice Development Project Manager (Youth Homelessness Lead)

  • Vicky Album770x415_edit

    Vicky Album

    National Practice Development Project Manager

  • 30

    Viv Griffiths

    National Practice Development Project Manager

  • peter-brooks

    Joanna Turner

    National Practice Development Project Manager

  • 0EF9BC22-3325-4415-9F25-6937318D8E6C

    Isabel Langdale

    National Practice Development Project Manager (Women's Homelessness Lead)

Partnerships team

Our partnerships team works directly with our members across England, through Communities of Practice, membership, local networks, events and consultancy, to improve services and end rough sleeping and homelessness.

  • image0

    Jeremy White

    Head of National Partnerships

  • 13

    Sirea Jabar

    Partnership Manager (Yorkshire & Humber, North East, Lancashire & Cumbria)

  • 49

    Steven Barkess

    Partnership Manager (West Midlands & North West)

  • 4a

    Chris Dutton

    London Strategy Lead

  • 40

    Chrystalla Karvella

    Partnership Manager (London)

  • peter-brooks

    Rose Smith

    Partnership Manager (South West)

  • Photo for website

    Ellie Mullin

    Partnership Manager (South East)

  • 6M5A1715

    Matthew Donald

    Partnership Project Officer

Policy and Research team

To influence change we must make a compelling case to policy makers at all levels, drawing together the strongest evidence, and identifying solutions that prevent homelessness. We work across national and local government to influence the development of policy, strategy and investment. We conduct research to better understand homelessness and how we can address it. 

  • 6M5A1691

    Sophie Boobis

    Head of Policy and Research

  • DSCF4100

    Debra Hertzberg

    Research Manager

  • 6M5A1663

    Cat Tottie

    Policy Manager

  • 20210516_155222

    Kateya Mbita

    Policy Manager

  • 6M5A1583

    Lili Lainé

    Senior Research Manager

  • 6M5A1620

    Sakinah Abdul Aziz

    Research Manager

CHAIN team

CHAIN which is commissioned and funded by the Mayor of London and managed by Homeless Link, represents the UK's most detailed and comprehensive source of information about rough sleeping.

  • peter-brooks

    Colin Westhead

    CHAIN Support Officer

  • 6M5A1735

    Dan Gothard

    CHAIN Support Officer

  • peter-brooks

    Ian Canadine

    Head of CHAIN

  • 6M5A1638

    Mike Goldberg

    CHAIN System Development Lead

  • 39

    Sasha Carn

    CHAIN Support Officer

  • 6M5A1611

    Brooke Bates

    CHAIN Support Officer

  • associate

    Rebecca Young

    CHAIN Support Manager