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Ensuring positive health outcomes for people experiencing homelessness

Whether you are a health professional who comes across people facing homelessness regularly or only occasionally there are some excellent resources to help you. In particular two of Homeless Link's member organisations, Groundswell and Pathway specialise in producing these materials.


There is a bitesize learning about best practice when it comes to hospital discharge for someone who might be facing homelessness

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Clinical psychologists

We have produced guidance for clinical psychologists who are currently working in homelessness services or who are thinking about moving into the sector.

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Accident and emergency

A&E is often the front door for people facing homelessness to access healthcare, and it is vital that staff can respond to their needs.

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Primary Care

Primary Care is the first point of contact for most people with a health problem, but many people who are homeless struggle to access a GP. See these resources from Pathway.

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Mental Health

Many people experiencing homelessness also face mental health problems. Pathway supported the opening of the UK’s first homelessness service within an inpatient mental health unit; and their teams liaise with partners in mental health services, and include mental health professionals in the team. See their resources:

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Nursing and hospital care

This paper investigates what a general practitioner and nurse led approach to improving hospital care for homeless people could look like and its published by Pathway.

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Resources and case studies from Pathway that will support health professionals dealing with people who have been homeless and have addictions.

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Palliative Care

People who are homeless often face severe health problems and early deaths – on average 30 years younger than people who are housed.  Advance planning and the involvement of palliative care services is rare.   

Pathway, has published research to explore the challenges for people who are homeless with deteriorating health.

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Trauma Informed Care

Experiencing homelessness is traumatic in itself. But for many people trauma can also be a cause of homelessness. A trauma informed approach is therefore critical. See these resources from Pathway.

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