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St Mungo's - Church Walk

Who is the project for?

Who do we help?

SH/RS comissioned services, access through the GH based on a residency criteria being met and with appropriate support needs. Can accept people with dogs.

Who we cannot help

No automatic exclusions. Applications considered on a case by case basis.



Minimum age accepted


Maximum age accepted


How to get a referral

Referral agencies

All referrals via the Greenhouse Hackney homeless patients surgery.

Referral procedure

Phone 24 hours to check vacancies. Agency and applicant complete form. If meets criteria, interview. Can move in immediately if accepted.

Length of stay

Minimum stay

1-3 Months

Maximum stay

2 Years

Support and accommodation

Support offered

10 staff, 24 hour waking cover. Residents complete assessment forms with staff and draw up individual action plans, including agreed outcomes. Keywork system (approx 5 residents per key worker) with monthly meetings. Keywork sessions cover training and employment options, future accommodation and any other issues of concern. Access to female counsellor and a range of external support agencies.

Total spaces