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Last updated: 12 January 2023

The needs of people experiencing homelessness are best met through a diverse range of provision. Yet, in some areas, there is a shortage of services willing to house individuals who are drinking at harmful or hazardous levels, particularly when they’re unready or unwilling to reduce their level of alcohol use. This means drinkers have no route off the streets. We need more accommodation services that will house people while drinking and offer sustained, person-centred support.

This guidance offers information and advice on how to engage and support individuals who are drinking at harmful levels. It is written for homelessness accommodation services that are willing and able to adopt either:

  • A high level of tolerance of residents’ alcohol use
  • Some tolerance of residents’ alcohol use

To accompany the guidance, Creative Inclusion created a film sharing the perspective of people with lived experience, on how services can best offer support to people who are homeless and drinking.