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Added 22 November 2022

Guidance for COVID-19 testing and vaccination in homelessness settings (as of April 2023)


  • From April 2023 onwards, the UKHSA will no longer provide free asymptomatic and symptomatic tests to staff and service users in high-risk homelessness settings but will continue to provide outbreak testing.
  • The only exception to this is for individuals eligible for COVID-19 treatment who will continue to be eligible for symptomatic tests.
  • Staff should identify service users who are eligible for COVID-19 treatments and ensure they can access COVID-19 testing if required.
  • Service providers should always have test kits available on site.
  • Please see the updated guidance for further information on changes to the testing regime and instructions on how to manage an outbreak.

What is considered an outbreak?

  • An outbreak is defined as 2 or more linked cases of COVID-19 within 14 days.
  • As most symptomatic testing has been removed, an outbreak may be suspected when there is an increase in the number of staff and/or service users displaying symptoms of COVID-19 at the same time who are linked by personal contact.
  • If an outbreak is suspected, the first 5 linked service users with symptoms should take a LFD test at the earliest opportunity to establish whether the outbreak is being caused by COVID-19.

How to order COVID-19 tests:

  • Set up a Unique Organisation Number (UON) here
  • Use the UON to order tests here


  • Both the first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccination and the first booster remain available. For more information about the vaccine and for ways to support vaccine uptake, see our toolkit.
  • Vaccination can be offered to people without an NHS number and those who are not registered with a GP.

COVID-19 boosters & flu vaccine

  • Everyone aged 50 and over is currently able to receive a booster and a flu jab.
  • Many people experiencing homelessness are at increased risk, meaning they are eligible for the autumn booster under current guidance.
  • This year's autumn flu and COVID-19 vaccine programmes will start on the 11th September 2023 (pushed forward, following the identification of a new Covid variant).
  • Those most at risk from winter illness - including health and social care staff and carers, those who care clinically vulnerable and those aged 65 and over, will be able to access a Covid vaccine in September.

Workforce vaccination

  • Frontline social care workers continue to be eligible for the autumn COVID-19 booster vaccine and flu vaccines.
  • People working on the frontline to support people experiencing homelessness are encouraged to take up the offer of vaccination to protect themselves and those they are supporting this winter.

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