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Last updated: 12 March 2024

The shift from no or limited immigration status to gaining status, like refugee status, is a critical period linked to homelessness risk. This brief video offers guidance to those assisting individuals who have recently acquired status, advising on best practices to enhance their chances of securing accommodation.

Who is this video for?

This video is for individuals and organisations working with non-uk nationals who have recently gained immigration status, particularly those at risk of homelessness.

Why is it relevant?

The transition from having no or limited immigration status to gaining a legal status, such as refugee status, is a critical time associated with increased risk of homelessness. This short video guide provides advice on good practice to maximise a person’s chances of finding accommodation.

What are the key takeaways?

  1. Prepare for transition: Transitioning from no immigration status to legal status presents new challenges. Planning and preparing for life post-status grant are crucial for success.
  2. Immediate post-status actions: Verify and ensure correct status of documents. Take immediate steps like opening a bank account and applying for benefits.
  3. Challenges in finding accommodation: Understand limited availability of local authority accommodation and explore alternative options. Manage expectations regarding offers of accommodation and consider relocation implications. Understand responsibilities attached to accommodation e.g. bills, taxes etc.
  4. Further actions: Apply for secondary benefits e.g. child benefit etc. Access employment options including refugee-specific employment support. Consider family reunion options for future planning. Register to vote for eligible individuals to have say in local matters, and other benefits such as ID or credit score.