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Added 11 November 2022

Young people’s journey’s into and experiences of homelessness will intersect with their experiences of oppression, disadvantage, access to social capital and opportunity.  It is important for services to recognise this.

Positive engagement with workers and homeless services are key indicators of exiting homelessness. Therefore, services and individuals need to understand and be ready to respond to each young person’s unique circumstance in order to give them the best possible opportunities. These resources provide advice and information that can be used by services and individuals to celebrate difference and tailor the support they offer to young people.

As part of the 16 Days of Action, Homeless Link ran an event in December 2020 focusing on the needs of young women. The following videos are recorded presentations from this event, providing information on learning from our Women's Homelessness Grants programme.

  • Michaela Campbell: Contextualising women's homelessness
  • Lauren Page-Hammick: What works for young women?
  • Clare Birch: Learning from the Salus project, delivered by 1625 independent people