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Added 07 April 2022

Common reasons people give for their homelessness 

  1. Their family and friends are no longer able or willing to accommodate them. This can be because of relationship breakdown or financial strain among other issues.
  2. The end of a private rented Assured Shorthold Tenancy. The cost and shortage of housing can make it difficult to find a new home.

There can be a wide number of complex factors at play in people’s lives which may make them more vulnerable to homelessness. These can be either structural issues or individual circumstances and they are often interconnected. 

For example, the constant, strong pressure of high rents and low wages can build up on people. A sudden increase in pressure, like falling ill or losing their job, can force them into homelessness.

Did you know: Homelessness impacts all age groups. 

Women often constitute a higher number of the hidden homeless

Key factors forcing people into homelessness 

Structural Factors
Personal Factor