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Free webinar: 31st October, 11:00 - 12:00

Having a safe place to live and support when you need it should be the foundation of any healthy society. But homelessness is rising, with hundreds of thousands of people in the UK forced to live with its insecurity and trauma, deeply impacting both their health and wellbeing and that of local communities.

The next government can act to change this. For too long the root causes of homelessness have been ignored. For too long fragmented government departments working in silos have created policies which widen the cracks people can fall through. Ahead of the looming general election, Homeless Link’s campaign is calling on all political parties to commit to building a society with A Home for Everyone, giving people the foundation they need to thrive.

But this can only happen if the homelessness sector comes together and makes itself heard. If our campaign is successful, it will be driven by our members up and down the country, making sure current and prospective MPs and policymakers understand the issue and the solutions needed.

Come along to hear our core policy asks of all political party's and our campaigning approach to get there, including how homelessness organisations can get involved.

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Nye Jones

Campaigns Manager

Nye is Campaigns Manager at Homeless Link