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Homeless Link has joined over 140 organisations, including the Refugee Council, NACCOM, Shelter and Crisis, in signing an open letter to the Government following a recent change in procedure to the time newly recognised refugees can be accommodated by the Home Office.

Previously, people granted refugee status continued to be accommodated by the HO until they received their biometric residence permit. Following this, they would be given 28 days’ notice of their asylum support ending. Newly recognised refugees will now have their asylum support discontinued 28 days after receiving a positive decision. Simultaneously, refugees who received a decision before the change in procedure and have continued to be accommodated will receive 7 days’ notice before they have to leave. This makes it virtually impossible to secure housing and financial support, and places unnecessary pressure on local authorities and homelessness services.

The open letter calls for the Government to abandon changes to the move on period and instead work with local authorities and voluntary sector organisations to ensure people can access the services they need.

Read the letter in full on the Refugee Council's website

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Nye Jones

Campaigns Manager

Nye is Campaigns Manager at Homeless Link