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Heriot-Watt University’s Social Policy, Housing and Equalities Research (I-SPHERE), in partnership with Race on the Agenda, have released the first report of ‘Homelessness Amongst Black Minoritised Ethnic Communities in the UK: A Statistical Report on the State of the Nation.’

This is an essential read in order to fully grasp the harrowing inequalities faced by Black, Asian and other marginalised ethnic groups in the UK. This report is an initial statistical analysis, and over the period of the programme (running until 2024) they will publish further ‘deep dive’ reports on the state of the nation, focusing on the experiences of specific ethnic groups and interrelationships with other demographics.

One key quote sums up the findings: “There is overwhelming statistical evidence that people from Black and minoritized ethnic communities, taken as a whole, experience disproportionate levels of homelessness in the UK.”

Summarised trends from the report:

  • Black and minoritised ethnic communities in the UK do experience homelessness to a disproportionate degree
  • There are significant geographical variations in the extent and nature of homelessness risk for different racial and ethnic groups across the UK.
  • There are evidenced links between experiences of racial or ethnic discrimination and exposure to homelessness
  • Race, ethnicity and discrimination-related factors affect homelessness risks both directly and indirectly

We, at Homeless Link, thrive to be truly equitable, diverse and inclusive and are currently actioning our EDI strategy. This research is an invaluable contribution to the discussion, which is a valuable read for homelessness leaders and frontline staff. Do please share it with colleagues and friends. Together we can widen our understanding of race and ethnicity and homelessness, and learn how to lessen the inequalities faced.

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Pavan Nagra

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Manager