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In March, Homeless Link has published a suite of four new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) resources for frontline staff, managers and CEOs of homelessness services.

The materials aim to support staff to learn about some fundamental elements of EDI policy and practice. They identify the related actions people can take to help improve EDI within their services, in turn improving the performance of their organisations and experiences for people facing homelessness.

Bringing the Equality Act to life introduces the Equality Act 2010 and how it impacts the rights of people accessing homelessness services and the staff who work in them. The information is useful for staff at all levels to improve their services and the support they offer. Find out more.

Positive action in the workplace, for CEOs and managers, explains what positive action is and how it works, to enable it to be applied correctly in homelessness workplaces, thereby improving diversity and inclusion. Find out more.

Promoting inclusion within homelessness services provides information and worksheets to support homelessness practitioners and managers to actively reflect on and address discrimination in the workplace. It covers issues from power structures and dominant cultures to cultural competence. Find out more.

How language impacts EDI considers why it is important to make thoughtful choices around the language we use and provides tips for practitioners working in homelessness settings to enhance their commitment to delivering inclusive and equitable services. Find out more.