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The Sasha Foundation (TSF) was set up to support charities that work with mental health issues in memory of Sasha Love.

Sasha Love suffered from Bipolar disorder. After a long battle with her condition, Sasha took her life in 2009. The founders of TSF want her memory to live on through the support it can provide to other sufferers of mental health conditions.

In the UK this involves supporting young people with a bias towards young people, who are suffering from depression and mental health issues or who are confronting drug abuse issues.

Grants will only be awarded to projects or programs being run by established charitable bodies and will not be awarded to individuals.

Applications must be submitted in writing using the Sasha Foundation grant application form which can be downloaded here. They can be submitted by email or by post to the Foundation’s accountants, Richardson Swift.

At minimum, the trustees will meet twice a year to consider applications: the associate deadlines each year for submitting applications are 01/04 and 01/10. In assessing applications they will follow the processes set out in the Sasha Foundation Grant Making Policy, which can be downloaded here.

Typically grants will be up to £10,000 and at most will be for 50% of the total budgeted cost of the proposed project/program.

Applications must set out the expected outcomes from the project/program, how outcomes will be assessed and how they will be reported back to the Sasha Foundation trustees.

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