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Health and Wellbeing Alliance

Homeless Link have joined forces with member organisations Groundswell and Pathway to form the Homeless Health Consortium (HHC), one of 18 VCSE members of the new three year Health and Wellbeing Alliance (HWA) programme.

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Can you respond to the ONS consultation on homelessness death statistics?

The ONS is proposing to cease production of the annual homelessness death statistics. The statistics offer an overview of deaths of people experiencing homelessness in England and Wales. This is collected through use of death registration records and primarily capture information on people who were sleeping rough or living in homelessness accommodation at the time of their death.

The ONS is currently consulting on the proposal and want to hear the value of these statistics on the sector before they make a final decision.

We know that members do not always have time to respond to consultations, but feel that our membership – including smaller members with limited influencing resource – have a great deal of insight to add to this conversation that we are keen is presented to ONS. Therefore, we've created an easy to use toolkit to help you respond and preserve these valuable statistics.

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Sophie Boobis

Head of Policy and Research

Head of Policy and Research