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Solve issues more quickly and cost effectively

We also offer a coaching service for groups of people. Group coaching is really effective in that it leverages the energy, support and collective knowledge of participants to help solve an issue more quickly. The individuals in the group are connected and work together on a common theme but with personal goals. The theme is important as it connects each individual within the group.

For example, five managers from different departments within your organisation might wish to increase their confidence in public speaking, or in managing challenging situations. Providing group coaching can be a cost-effective way for them to all access support on the same issue from a coach.

We can also offer to coach in groups from different organisations, where diverse perspectives and ways of working may also help to unlock solutions to challenges.

As with one-to-one coaching, group sessions are designed to create a safe space, to build trust and openness between participants to enable them to learn and grow together.

Please contact us if you are interested in a group coaching session so that we can understand what it is you are trying to achieve and the outcome you are looking for, to determine the best approach.

Our Group Coaches

Below is a list of our current coaches for groups, you can request a specific coach or we can match you with someone based on your needs.

For more information on our coaches, view their full Coaching Profiles

  • Coach-Malcolm-Smith

    Malcolm Smith

    Malcolm combines his 18 years experience of working in the voluntary sector and active listening approach to help individuals identify the answers to their own questions, agree solutions and then provide accountability.
  • Coach-Amanda-Tooth

    Amanda Tooth

    Amanda has over thirty years’ experience of working in the criminal justice and homelessness field. Amanda draws on a number of effective disciplines and many years of experience, to provide Progressive Coaching.
  • Coach-Tanya-English

    Tanya English

    Tanya brings twenty years of third sector leadership experience, including over a decade within homelessness, to her coaching. Integrating a suite of proven coaching theories and methods means she can find approaches to suit you.
  • Coach-Steve-Sylvan

    Steve Sylvan

    Steve is a person-centred coach and has been coaching children to Chief Executives for over ten years. Steve specialises in homelessness and neurodiversity and has a passion for wellbeing in the outdoors.

Talk To Us

Lucy Horitz

Lucy Horitz

Senior Learning & Development Manager

Lucy develops and manages Homeless Link's Leadership Programme for London and national coaching services.