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Homeless Health Needs Audit

The HHNA is a tool for gathering local data about the physical and mental health needs of people experiencing homelessness and how they access services.

The HHNA toolkit gives you a framework you can use to bring together the right local partners and members of your areas Integrated Care System to plan and carry out the audit. It also gives guidance on using the data you gather to reduce health inequalities by informing service improvements and commissioning.

The HHNA is a proven approach that provides you with valuable local insights into the health and wellbeing of people experiencing homelessness.

Get started with the Health Needs Audit

Read our starter guide to find out what the HHNA is, who should be involved in planning and carrying it out, and how to get started.

Starter guide

For over a decade, organisations around the country have used the Homeless Health Needs Audit (HHNA) to help understand the health inequalities faced by people experiencing homelessness in their area.

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Debra Hertzberg

Research Manager

Unhealthy State of Homelessness 2022

Ground-breaking research report from 2022, which uses aggregate primary data from previous Health Needs Audits to explore the health and wellbeing of people experiencing homelessness in England.

This research can help you to build a case for carrying out the audit in your local area, and it can also help you to compare the results of your own audit with the national picture.

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Explore the data

Coming soon here. A way to explore all the data currently uploaded on the Health Needs Audit

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